22.5 CE Renewal Course Package - C (NY)

This 22.5 credit online VIDEO Real Estate Continuing Education package covers every NYS requirement and is designed to differentiate you through substance. Brokers need to get into the 21st century and realize that customers no longer want to pay for match making – they have computers too. The modern broker’s job is serving as an advisor and negotiator. After this class you will be ready. You will learn to identify risk in zoning, title, lawsuits, rentals and conflicts of interest. Then, you will gain the tools to leverage that risk through tried and true negotiation techniques which will place you on a notch ahead of the rest. This course is a must for landlords, investors, developers, property managers and their brokers. Learn to earn in real estate.

Courses Include:

  • Strategic Negotiating (3.5 Credits)
  • Rental Training (4.5 Credits) – Satisfies DOS Fair Housing & Discrimination Requirements & Agency Requirement for Agents Licensed 2+ years
  • Zoning & Title (11.5 Credits)
  • Conflicts of Interest / Ethics (3 Credits) – Satisfies DOS Agency Requirements for New and Experienced Agents & is accepted by LIBOR and HANFRA as satisfactory completion of the NAR Realtor mandatory ethics training requirements needed by December 31, 2020.

*You can start, pause, and resume at your convenience. Certificates can be downloaded as soon as each course is completed.

Lieb School



Lieb School Online Classes are videos that you can watch from a high speed internet connection.

Additional features include:

  • Video Segments filmed from our live classes.
  • Handouts that you can download, print and keep.
  • Key Takeaway slides that summarize each section.
  • Study Guides that will help you pass each unit quiz (the Department of State of NY requires quizzes for ALL online classes). With our Study Guides you can take the quiz as an open book. And don’t worry, we will give you all of the tools that you need to pass each quiz AND you can take each quiz over and over until you pass them.
  • You will get credit for the time that it takes you to finish the quiz. You can even click on your gradebook to see all of the questions and learn the correct answers.
  • We offer a note-taking feature that you can type and print your notes.
  • You can also communicate directly with the instructor by our In-Class Comments feature.

How does the 22.5 Package work?

  • Each package is comprised of different CE classes.
  • You can take as many or as little CE classes in the package as you like.
  • If you take all of the classes, you will get 22.5 credits (as required by the DOS to renew your license).
  • If you only need a few credits, you can take the classes that you need to renew your license before your license expires, and save the additional classes until after you renew your license. Just make sure that you take the classes within the 6 months of registration because the classes do expire.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Each Class?

  • Each class will take the exact amount of hours as the credits it is approved for. Therefore, if the course is 3.5 credits, it will take you 3.5 hours.
  • You do not have to take the entire course in one sitting.
  • You can start and stop and replay each unit. You can resume where you left off.
  • There are password checkpoints throughout the class to make sure that you are taking the class.

Which classes in this package satisfies the required topics?

  • Rental Training ONLINE: Satisfies the DOS Agency requirement for experienced agents.
  • Rental Training ONLINE: Satisfies the DOS Fair Housing requirement.
  • Conflicts of Interest ONLINE: Satisfies the DOS Agency requirement for new and experienced agents. This course is also accepted by LIBOR and HANFRA as satisfactory completion of the NAR Realtor mandatory ethics training requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

*Price Subject to change

** Must complete the courses 6 months from the date you registered


Conflicts of Interest ONLINE - 3 CE Credits (NY)

This 3 credit online continuing education course is all about properly waiving and/or avoiding the conflicts of interests that exist between the different professionals that collaborate on a real estate transaction. 

*This course is accepted by LIBOR and HANFRA as satisfactory completion of the NAR Realtor mandatory ethics training requirements needed by December 31, 2020.

*This course satisfies the Department of State Continuing Education Requirement of Agency Disclosure. 

Rental Training ONLINE - 4.5 CE Credits (NY)

Rental agents benefit from recurring commission revenue. This 4.5 credit course will provide you with the skills that you need to add value to your clients, which will keep you as a mainstay on their team, earning year-over-year commissions. You will gain a laser focus to spot the operative lease terms that should be leveraged to find extra money for your landlord. You will gain knowledge about rental agency disclosure, rental permit / CO laws, required lease disclosures, avoiding discrimination claims and much more. This course will shock you with exposure that you didn’t even know that you and your landlord had. After the shock settles, you will learn to help your landlord profit through smart decision-making from lease signing through eviction. Learn to be invaluable.   



Strategic Negotiating ONLINE (NY)

Learn to change the game through tried and true negotiation tactics and strategies. This is the must take 3.5 credit CE course for those Seller’s Agents and Buyer’s Agents whose representation focuses on adding financial value through serving as a zealous advocate rather than simply working from one transaction to the next.

Initially, the student will learn to manage their client’s expectations by establishing and locking their client into a bottom line number. Next, the student will be exposed to the factors that make-up their narrative, both financially and emotionally. This narrative should be utilized to drive the negotiation conversation. Beyond setting the narrative, this course provides techniques to break the other side’s game by mirroring and labeling their talking points, identifying undisclosed invisible factors and, finally, driving agreements.

What really sets this course apart is its focus on law. Students will finish the course with a disclaimer to avoid accidental contracts, a checklist of when a contract first exists and a list of discriminatory protected classes to avoid while negotiating. Learn to win the negotiating game.

Zoning & Title ONLINE (NY)

Are you a professional or just a traveling salesman? Real estate professionals understand zoning, land use, title insurance and claims to ownership. In contrast, salesman simply bluster with fluff. If you are more than just fluff, this is the course for you. This 11.5 hour CE course educates about town / village codes, the NYC Administrative Code, zoning enforcement, tickets, title insurance, and how to leverage title defects in negotiations. You will gain self-confidence, substance and more. You will be ready for new development projects, retrofitting and tear downs. This course is a must for any real estate agent who doesn’t simply work on cookie-cutter, unmodified, developments. Learn the law of real estate and finally understand what the attorneys are talking about, which, by the way, is the best way to secure your closing of title.